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Anti Mould Paint Additives, Sprays and the Law

mould control pack

Mould killer and steriliserAnti Mould Paint Additives, Sprays and the Law…

You’ll be pleased to know that both our anti mould paint additive and Mould killer and sterilizer spray are fully approved for amateur use by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).

Unfortunately this isn’t the case for a lot of our competition, particularly on internet auction sites.

If you see an anti mould paint additive or Mould killer and sterilizer spray for sale and these products don’t have a HSE number OR the correct statutory information on their bottle then there is a very good chance their product is not registered with the HSE and is being sold illegally!

So what? It’s only paint additive or mould killer spray!

If it’s being sold illegally then that product is unlikely to be covered by their insurance cover, that’s assuming that the person or company selling the product has insurance of course!

We know beyond any doubt that our products are as safe as they can be otherwise we wouldn’t use them ourselves or sell them to you.

However if the worst happened and there was an accident with our product and you needed to go to your local hospital with the container, the hospital staff would be able to get the information they needed from a national NHS database within seconds.

How will the hospital staff manage with a product that as far as the HSE doesn’t exist and is NOT on any national database?

Everything we sell is covered under our insurance, and don’t forget we USE and install ALL the products we sell on this site on a daily / weekly basis

Something to think about? We think so!

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