Nuaire Drimaster DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT Whole House Ventilation System with Heat (PIV + Carbon Filters)
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Nuaire Drimaster DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT Whole House Ventilation System with Heat (PIV + Carbon Filters)

£529.99 inc. VAT

Nuaire Drimaster DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT Eco Nox Whole House Ventilation System with Heat (PIV + Carbon Filters)

  • Whole House Ventilation
  • Powerful carbon and ePM10 filters
  • Eliminates condensation and dampness
  • Reduces hazardous NOX pollution levels
  • Cost effective and low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Creates a safe living environment
  • Fully compliant and meets Part F & L of Building Regulations
  • Carbon filters need replacing every 2 years


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Nuaire Drimaster DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT Whole House PIV System with Heat (PIV + Carbon Filters)

The market-leading Drimaster DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT Eco Hall HC has now received an upgrade! New Carbon NoX Filters will help keep your indoor environment safer and cleaner. Read below to learn more.

Nuaire’s DRI-ECO-NOX-HC unit is the first of its kind. By combining tried and tested PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) technology and solar gain capabilities with a new truly powerful filtration system, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are experiencing the benefits of undoubtedly one of the most powerful, yet cost-effective whole house ventilation units available on the market.

This is a Heated PIV.

Features & Benefits of a Nuaire DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT PIV

Powerful Filters – Two ePM10 filters are mounted on the side of the unit and incorporate an additional carbon filter in each, giving the highest quality filtration system available to any DrImaster unit, and significantly outperforming other market-leading PIV units.

Solar gain – A temperature sensor located on the side of the unit allows it to make use of “Solar gain”, which is a process of determining temperature within a property and the most economically efficient use of it.

When the sensor determines that the internal temperature of the loft cavity is higher than that of the property, it will increase the rate of airflow to the lower levels.

It then makes use of any pre-warmed air that is rising from the lower levels of the home and into the loft cavity, or any additional heat created by the sun warming the exterior of the property, by passing it back down into the property.

This in effect, recycles the already warmed air and is what Nuaire refer to as their ‘Fixed Temperature Heat Recovery’ strategy.

In colder months of the year, the sensor will notice that the internal temperature of the loft cavity is below a certain threshold, and will not initiate the “boost” element in order to avoid draughts.

Increased Comfort levels – The highly accurate temperature sensor will in warmer months of the year will determine whether to use its boost function to increase the airflow throughout the property.

The additional internal air pressure and circulation help to remove warmer air from the highest points of the property, lowering the overall temperature in a room. This creates a far more pleasant environment for the room and its occupants.

Controls – Nuaire has made the unit exceptionally easy to access by positioning the unit’s controls within the diffuser. This means that you no longer require roof cavity access to change any of the settings of your unit.

Additional Controllers & Sensors (Sold separately) – A wall-mounted switch allows for easy boost, whilst remote CO2 and Relative Humidity sensors increase the owner’s safety and comfort by alerting them to potentially high Carbon Dioxide levels or uncomfortable levels of humidity.

Installation & Maintenance – Installation of the units is a very simple process and requires only a few hours work from an experienced tradesperson.

The units can either be mounted onto the beams within the loft, or hung from the rafters depending on space and preference.

The filters can be maintained by vacuuming and washing them delicately with mild detergent and only require replacement after 5 years of continuous usage. The carbon filters may need to be replaced once every two years.

Warranty – Drimaster Eco Nox HC units are supplied with a 7 year manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty for parts and labour, with a following five years for replacement parts after.

How does a PIV work in my home?

Nuaire PIV How Does It Work

Works by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into the dwelling. Air is drawn into the unit and is passed through filters before being pushed around the home

As the air moves, it creates a pressure as it dilutes, displaces and eventually replaces the stale air in the home.

As air is constantly moving, humid air cannot settle on cold surfaces, such as windows or outer walls, meaning it cannot condensate.

Eventually, this humid air is forced out of natural leakage points throughout the home – such as windows, under doors or even through keyholes.

Which Naurie PIV is best for me?

Be condensation smart

  • 1-5 UK households are homes are poorly ventilated.
  • Do you dry clothes inside your home on the radiator
  • Insulated home also traps the moisture and will not release it?
  • Do you have excess moisture condensing on windows & walls?
  • Bad air house air flow, blocked sealed up air bricks


We have the answers

  • Do you have streaming water on your windows?
  • Do you have mould growth?
  • Do you have poor indoor air quality?
  • Do you have excess moisture condensing on windows & walls?
  • The average UK family produces 10 litres of water a day
  • Is your home correctly heated?
  • Home not heated right


In safe hands with Nuaire

Your in safe hands! PAM Ties & Builders Superstore work along side Nauire to promote, sell and advise Nuaire cusotmers the best units that will fit there family home, tentened properties and social housing.

  • 7 years warrenty
  • BBA approved
  • Cures condensation

Nuiare PIV

Installing a Nuaire Drimaster Eco PIV


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