Nuaire MEV-ECO
Nuaire MEV-ECO Central Extract System
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Nuaire MEV-ECO Central Extract System

£375.00 inc. VAT

The MEV-ECO is a centralised extract system capable of extracting air from multiple wet rooms in a property.

The unit offers the latest in low-watt DC fans, combining AC supply and DC voltages to to bring you an extract fan that is both high powered and energy-efficient. The MEV-ECO provides quiet operation with reduced power consumption, low SFPs, and high airflow rates. At only 125mm deep, the unit saves space and ventilates up to 100 l/s.


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Nuaire MEV-ECO

Nuaire’s MEV-ECO extractor fan MEV unit is a centralised extract ventilation system that is capable of extracting and ventilating multiple wet rooms throughout a single property, which makes it an ideal home ventilation solution.

SAP recognised and designed with meeting current building regulations Part F and Part L in mind.

The MEV-ECO units make use of market-leading technology to be able to achieve its high-performance 100l/s extraction rate (max), and low noise whilst maintaining high energy efficiency. It manages to keep these high specifications despite its compact size with low depth. This makes the installation of the units simple and appropriate in most properties. 

Mechanical ventilation systems are an excellent choice for large properties with several high-humidity rooms, as the work of several extractor fans can be replaced by one centralised system. The 100l/s maximum rate of extraction rate will remove both condensation and musty odours from these rooms and drastically reduce the possibility of unsightly mould or mildew formation throughout the property.

Extraction points can be placed in bathrooms, utility rooms, shower rooms, kitchens or any room in a property where high levels of humidity regularly occur.

Features & Benefits of a Nuaire MEV-ECO

Multi-Room Extract Units have three inlets, capable of extracting from multiple wet rooms

Low Depth Only 125mm depth, ideal for properties with limited ceiling void space

High Efficiency Latest DC motor technology for market-leading energy efficiency levelsLow SFP, Market-leading energy efficiency

Ease of Installation Units do not have spigots, ducts can be run directly to the unit for simple install

Continous extraction – MEV units work 24 hours a day, this means at no point is there a chance for humidity to accumulate and form into condensation. This often occurs with standard extraction units as they only function when either programmed to or by manually switching them on.

Eliminates mould, moisture and odours Extraction points located in high humidity rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens will remove excess moisture without the need to open windows. Mould requires moisture and warmth to grow, so by ensuring this is removed as soon as it is produced, mould never has an opportunity to develop.

Low running costs and energy consumption Despite working 24 hours a day, the low SFP (Specific Fan Power) of MEV units allows them to offer a high extraction rate whilst remaining highly energy efficient. The technology has been developed with low energy consumption and running costs in mind.

Very low maintenance required The air and exhaust inlets only require cleaning annually with a damp cloth, with the duct runs requiring maintenance once every 5 years and the turbine or filters only require cleaning once per year.

Low noise levels MEV units are specifically designed to run at extremely low noise levels at all times due to their continuous extraction requirements.

They also benefit from the location of their installation, as loft cavities and cupboards help to reduce any perceivable noise created by an already quietly running unit.

How does a Nuaire MEV-ECO work in my home?

Nuaire MEVDC Central Extract System

MEV is an abbreviation of Mechanical extract ventilation. It is a system of whole house ventilation that supplies continuous ventilation and extraction from multiple rooms in single property simultaneously, doing away with the need for multiple extraction units in one property.

Technology has advanced to the point that allows one centralised unit to play the role of several, making this a more cost-effective and energy-efficient method of controlling humidity and moisture levels in a property, which ultimately, drastically reduces the opportunity for mould, mildew and odours associated with moisture to develop.

They are typically installed in locations that will often not be visible to occupiers, such as lofts or cupboards if the specifications of the model allow and ducted to the exterior of the property.

Which Nuaire MEV-ECO is best for me?

Be condensation smart

  • 1-5 UK households are homes are poorly ventilated.
  • Do you dry clothes inside your home on the radiator
  • Insulated home also traps the moisture and will not release it?
  • Do you have excess moisture condensing on windows & walls?
  • Bad air house air flow, blocked sealed up air bricks


We have the answers

  • Do you have streaming water on your windows?
  • Do you have mould growth?
  • Do you have poor indoor air quality?
  • Do you have excess moisture condensing on windows & walls?
  • The average UK family produces 10 litres of water a day
  • Is your home correctly heated?
  • Home not heated right


In safe hands with Nuaire

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  • 7 years warrenty
  • BBA approved
  • Cures condensation

Nuiare PIV

Nuaire MEV-ECO

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