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Alternative Flow Heat Retention Unit

£309.60 inc VAT (£258.00 exc.)



The CPHR provides continuous alternate flow supply and extract ventilation with heat retention to habitable rooms.

Single room, alternate flow (approx. every 70 seconds) supply and extract fan with upto 90% heat retention facility for installation on an external wall with air drawn in and discharged through a single telescopic duct installed through a 110 mm dia. hole to an external grille.

The telescopic duct incorporates a high efficiency heat exchanger which collects and retains heat during extraction mode and transfers it to the incoming air during supply mode.

The unit has 3 speed settings providing supply and extract flow rates of approximately 3, 4 & 7 l/s.

Unit can be configured in a number of ways, the most common being as follows:

1. Constant run on any of the available 3 speeds.

2. Constant run on either 3 or 4 l/s with boost to 7 l/s triggered by external switching device.

3. Selection of “OFF” and any of the 3 speeds available via a switching device or devices.

Exceptionally low power consumption.

Ultra quiet operation.

Please note that the telescopic duct, heat exchanger and external grille is provided with the unit and included in these prices.

It is possible to install two CPHR in opposite rooms of the building and match them so as one is on extraction mode the other is on supply mode essentially creating lungs for the house and allowing it to ‘breathe’

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