Let's eliminate your condensation problems - once and for all!


Homedry Core Drill Ventilator

£66.60 inc VAT (£55.50 exc.)

The homedry core drill ventilator is an effective and affordable method of allowing fresh air into your home.  It is completely silent in operation (having no moving parts), is excellent value for money (no running costs) and is a professional quality product.


The Homedry core drill ventilator requires a 127mm core drill to install the unit.

The benefits are that there can be less disturbance to internal finishes when installing the unit.

This unit can accommodate a wall thickness up to 300mm

HOME DRY condensation vents are designed to reduce condensation thanks to the centre core.

Condensation is fast becoming the most common form of unwanted dampness in homes and buildings.

By fitting the innovative HomeDry vent, the problems will be solved quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

Thanks to the central core filter, the HomeDry vent allows condensation and moisture laden air to escape the property, as the psychrometric conditions on the inside of the building are different to that on the outside.

The difference in the conditions within a property will result in a vapour pressure differential from inside to outside, which is the driving force to allow vapour dispersion.

Our new HomeDry vent stops annoying draughts, reduces heat loss and traffic noise with absolutley no energy consumption it is perfect for combatting problems with mould and algae growth.

The HomeDry vent is designed to reduce condensation thanks to the central core.

  • No energy consumption
  • Innovative insert design allows moisture to escape
  • Insert can be removed if necessary for cleaning or replacing
  • Completely silent in operation
  • quick and easy to fit with basic DIY skills and suitable tools

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