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mould control steriliser

Mould Control Steriliser

£18.95 inc VAT (£15.79 exc.)

Get rid of your mould with our fantastic, professional grade mould control and steriliser spray.


The Condensation Products Mould Control steriliser contains a powerful mouldicide / mildewcide that specifically targets and kills mould & mildew growth.
Our mould killer & steriliser solution IS NOT a cheap and cheerful fungicidal wash that you add to a bucket of water!

The solution leaves a residue to help prevent regrowth.

This excellent product is fully approved for amateur use by the HSE (HSE no 8883)

You can use this product in the following areas

  • Remove mould on walls
  • Remove mould on ceilings
  • Remove mould in bathrooms
  • Remove mould in bedrooms & kitchens

Our steriliser comes in 1 litre bottles ready to use with a spray attachment.

Subject to how severe the mould is,  one bottle will treat upto 10m²

Need to buy in bulk? We also sell them in packs of 12, too!

Note: Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. 

You can read more about our mould killer and sterilser (and other mould treatments) here.


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