Let's eliminate your condensation problems - once and for all!

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WarmWall Anti-condensation paint 10 litre tin

£128.46 inc VAT (£107.05 exc.)


WarmWall is a unique thermal anti-condensation paint specifically designed to resist the forming of condensation on internal wall and ceiling surfaces.


10 Litre tin


What makes WarmWall so unique is the insulating micro glass sphere technology, the special resins and binding agents and last but not least the ingenious way the paint is actually made.

Benefits :

  • Dramatically reduces the formation of water droplets
  • Resists and reduces heat loss or thermal transfer of heat through walls and ceilings
  • WarmWall will help to improve the climate of the room
  • Helps to reduce odours
  • WarmWall is easily painted or wallpapered over
  • Mould and fungal growth is dramatically reduced (on treated walls)

How it works

WarmWall is so good because of its special ingredient ‘Glass bubbles’! yes you read that right. It turns out that glass bubbles have exceptionally good thermal insulation properties due to their simple natural shape and the air they trap inside them when the paint coating dries. These glass bubbles are about the thickness of a human hair and are 100% safe.

These glass bubbles (or spheres as they are also known) create a thermal barrier between the air in the room and cold wall surface once the paint has dried.

What’s the coverage rate? 

Depending on the surface porosity (how absorbant the surface is) coverage for WarmWall is between 8 – 10m² per litre per coat

Where can I apply it?

You can apply it to walls, ceilings, window and door reveals, on top of wallpaper and existing paint finishes, however the base must be in good condition or you’ll just be wasting your time and money!

WarmWall is the perfect product for those walls and ceilings in older properties.

Do I need to your add anti mould paint additive to WarmWall?

You do not! Save your money, also don’t think you’ll make it extra special by adding some anyway because there is absolutely no benefit by doing so.

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